Wednesday, 14 June 2017

YUMMY.... Milkshake at Tech

 At Tamaki College we had tech. When we were at tech we done some cooking we had to make a milkshake. The ingredients was vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and whip cream. We first had to get a bowl and then Mrs Tuipulotu had to scoop some vanilla ice cream so we could stir to make it creamy. After when we had finished mixing we scooped some ice cream into each of our cups. Then when we had scooped it in each of our cups we then had to get more ice cream. We had to line up around the table and wait for our turn for Mrs Tuipulotu to scoop it into our cups and then she had to put some whip cream on top of the vanilla ice cream. When we were done we had our last ingredient it was chocolate syrup she had to put it  on top of the whip cream. It looks so delicious. I been waiting for this moment because we could taste it. It tastes so good I can't wait until we have our next session.

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