Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Delicious Chicken Curry with Rice

Today the year 7's went to Tamaki College for tech with Mrs Tuipuplotu. When we rambled in to her class we straight away, put on our aprons, wash our hands. Then Mrs Tuipuplotu told us what we were making so me and my partner, Mary can get out the equipment's out. We were making chicken curry with rice. I was so delighted because I love eating and making curry chicken with rice.

The ingredients that we use to prepare was chicken,Indian tomato sauce,curry powder,thyme,black pepper, tomato paste and brown sugar to make a sweet sauce but not a sour sauce. First we had to boil the chicken with cold water and then put it on the stove to cook. While the chicken was cooking me started to make the sauce with Indian tomato sauce,curry powder,thyme,black pepper, tomato paste and lastly brown sugar. After that we had to mix it all the ingredients together, when we were done mixing we asked Mrs Tuipuplotu for permission to put in the chicken. When it was time to put it in we mixed it until it was boiling with bubbles. A few minutes it was done and then we got some rice and put the curry chicken in. I was so excited to taste, when I tasted it it was so delicious.

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