Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Last Week Of Term 3

This is the last week for Term 3. It is very unhappy because I'm going to be without my friends. 
But, it is going to be the holidays and I really can't wait because there won't be any home learning to do, which is a bit boring but we need it for a good education. 

We have been doing practice tests for next term. I really want to do better than before, so I am going to read everyday in the holidays. 


At Tamaki College, us year seven and eights have Tech. Last week my group for tech moved from Mr Pineda's class and now we are with Mr Grundy, he does wood craft, glass and metal.

 This session, with Mr Grundy or Sir we are going to be doing a metal pendant, it is like a necklace. It was so aspiring when we watched him make it, as an example for us.  I am so pleased because we can make it for anyone like our family or friends.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018


Speeches are coming up for the Ruapotaka students and I am not ready for it. It's really hard finding a specific topic to write about. It is really frustrating because you have to also say it in front of the audiences and to memorizing it. Also, I have to write it down in my own words to make it interesting

But, I will try my best to be better than before when my classmates are judging me. 

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Tongan Language Week

This week was Tongan Language Week. I was so pleased because it is part of my culture.

In school we had to learn new Tongan vocabulary. Then on Friday Julianne, Izabella, Tupouseiini and Leaapeni and I wore cultural Tongan clothes, for example, a tauvala, kiekie,kafa and tekiteki. 

After we dressed up, we then went to all the classes to show the students our clothes and to inform them about  what we were all wearing.  We also took some photos.

I am appreciative of Tongan heritage. 

Wednesday, 5 September 2018


For the past few weeks we had volleyball with Coach Renee. I had a lot of fun playing it because I love sports. I also enjoyed playing volleyball with my classmates. 

My favourite game that we all played was the tournament, elimination and girl verses boys. It was a pleasure having Coach Renee teaching us on how to play volleyball. 

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Poetry Recital

We had poetry recitals on Friday. It was exciting to see all the students saying there poems aloud and memorized. 

First, it started from room 1 all the way up to room 12, I was satisfied on how they used gestures, expression and they were very clear. Also, I liked the way they still kept on going even when they forgot their poem. 

My favourite poetry recitals was all of them because they all tried their best when they were in front of us, Ruapotaka students. 

Thursday, 23 August 2018


The skipping competition  is coming up for the Ruapotaka students. We are practicing really hard. The year sevens and eights are in three different groups learning new moves and practicing to get better than before.

The people in my group are is Pupuke, Mary Ruth, Malia, Leanah, Joanlisi,Alexandra, Julianne, Liza, Ana and I.