Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Delicious Chicken Curry with Rice

Today the year 7's went to Tamaki College for tech with Mrs Tuipuplotu. When we rambled in to her class we straight away, put on our aprons, wash our hands. Then Mrs Tuipuplotu told us what we were making so me and my partner, Mary can get out the equipment's out. We were making chicken curry with rice. I was so delighted because I love eating and making curry chicken with rice.

The ingredients that we use to prepare was chicken,Indian tomato sauce,curry powder,thyme,black pepper, tomato paste and brown sugar to make a sweet sauce but not a sour sauce. First we had to boil the chicken with cold water and then put it on the stove to cook. While the chicken was cooking me started to make the sauce with Indian tomato sauce,curry powder,thyme,black pepper, tomato paste and lastly brown sugar. After that we had to mix it all the ingredients together, when we were done mixing we asked Mrs Tuipuplotu for permission to put in the chicken. When it was time to put it in we mixed it until it was boiling with bubbles. A few minutes it was done and then we got some rice and put the curry chicken in. I was so excited to taste, when I tasted it it was so delicious.

Start of Term 3

Today it was our first day for term 3 and we had learnt from coming back after 2 week holidays. When we first came to school I was really keen to learn something new and learning more in school to be better than before. The subject that I've been learning was maths it was about fraction,how there is a numerator and a denominator. Also we done some reading in our reading journals. After a while it was playtime to go and play. Then a few minutes later it time to go and do the assembly. It was about getting together and going our first assembly for term 3 and how many people has been reading in the holidays there was so many people who stood up.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Skipping Display & Competition

In the afternoon we had our skipping display I was so excited because it was my first time doing it since I approached to Ruapotaka School. Since it was our skipping display we also had our skip off right after, but looking at the weather it didn't turn out well. First the juniors had to do their skip off. The winner was Reality. But after that it was time for room 9's, skipping display they did heaps of tricks like double unders, fast skipping, and more. After a few minutes they were done and it was time for room 10's they done some different tricks it was compared to room 12. It was room 12's turn we first start of with a warm up it was 10 skipping forwards, backwards, side to side and then we done our skipping we done it as a group. Few minutes later it started to rain so we had to stop, get everything inside and into the classroom.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Chocolate Muffin With Chocolate Chip......YUMMY!!!!

When we arrived at Tamaki College we rambled straight to Mrs  Tuipulotu class where she teaches us how to cook some food. While we strolled to her class I was so excited to cook. When she approached to the door we went straight to get our aprons and we rambled straight to wash our hands so we don't spread any bacteria around while we are cooking. When we had finished we strolled straight on the table and we had to read the ingredients that she had wrote on the board for us. After when we have glanced to the board and saw the ingredients we then had to get the equipment out that we needed. 

I was so delighted on want we were making.....we are making chocolate muffin with chocolate chip. I was really excited after when we got the equipment out we had to decide who was do which. It's ether the wet ingredients or the dry. I done the wet and my partner, Julianne done the dry. After when we had finished getting the ingredients we needed we both had to mix it very well before we put it altogether. A while later we mixed it well then we got to put it together in one big bowl and we had to stir it. It was so tiring because we had to use all of our strength to mix the whole mixture. Few minutes later we grabbed the muffin tray and we both placed the paper muffin cups in each section. Later when we were done we popped it into the oven to bake for about 15 to 20 minutes. After when it was done cooking we got our cooking gloves on to get our muffin out. It smelled so delicious I couldn't wait until I eat. But I didn't want to so I saved it for later I couldn't wait to eat it and how it will taste like. Couldn't wait until next time with Mrs  Tuipulotu.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Cinnamon and Jam Muffin

At Tamaki College we always have tech. We are doing food nutrition with Mrs Tuipulotu I was so excited because we made milkshakes last Wednesday. I wonder what we are going to make today. When we have arrived at Tamaki College we rambled straight to Mrs Tuipulotu class to start straight away. When we went there we saw Mrs Tuipulotu setting out the ingredients. When she saw us she told us to come in and put our apron on to get ready. Next we had to wash our hands, get to our tables and read the ingredients on the board and then we got started.  

When we got started we first put all the ingredients out on top of the table. Then after that we started to get the ingredients so we could put it in the bowl. When I was doing the dry ingredient Katrina was doing the wet ingredients. After when we were done putting the wet and dry ingredients into separate bowls we then had to put the ingredients altogether so we could mix it. After when we had finish mixing it we then had to get the muffin tray out and a spoon to put it in. But we had to put the muffin paper muffin cups into the muffin tray. Then we could put it the mixture inside the paper muffin cups. After when Katrina and I were done we placed it in the oven so it could be cooked for 15 to 20 minutes. While we were waiting for a long time it was finally ready to get it out. It smelled so delicious. I started to eat it and it was scrumptious. While we were eating it we had to stop because it was time to go. 

Monday, 19 June 2017

At St Kent

In the last two weeks we had St Kent's. We had to go on the bus. When we arrived at St Kent's we were first splinted into groups. When we got into our groups we had to go all the way to the court it was so tiring. But I couldn't wait until we started I was so excited to start playing. When we arrived It was so large for heaps of people to play on. But we had to go with the St Kent's so people so we could begin. Our first game was called spider they told us how to play we had to hold the people's hand, try to use a kind of strategy to get out and be FREE!!!The next activity we done was rock paper scissors shot it was really enjoyable game. The last game we played before we went to another activity was octopus it was really fun they told us how to play just in case the people in our team don't know how to play. They first had to choose the taggers to try and tag us and the other people had to go to the end of the line then the taggers will call us like if people have black shoes, blue pants and white socks. Then they will have to run and the taggers will have to try and tag us. 

After when we had finished our game we had to change our groups. When we had we all started to play. Our first game was we had to find a partner then we had to close our eyes and our partner had to tell us where we are going because there were heaps of balls on the ground that we are not allowed to touch it. The partner that I had was Tyra she had to tell me where to go left, right, forwards and backwards it was so difficult but fun at the same time. Second game was bang it was a very enjoyable game we had get into a circle and someone had to call out our name,they had to go down and the two people in between them had to say bang. The last that ,said bang was out that was so fun. While we were still playing we had to stop the game because it was the end of our session. Finally it was done and I couldn't wait until they come back.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

YUMMY.... Milkshake at Tech

 At Tamaki College we had tech. When we were at tech we done some cooking we had to make a milkshake. The ingredients was vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and whip cream. We first had to get a bowl and then Mrs Tuipulotu had to scoop some vanilla ice cream so we could stir to make it creamy. After when we had finished mixing we scooped some ice cream into each of our cups. Then when we had scooped it in each of our cups we then had to get more ice cream. We had to line up around the table and wait for our turn for Mrs Tuipulotu to scoop it into our cups and then she had to put some whip cream on top of the vanilla ice cream. When we were done we had our last ingredient it was chocolate syrup she had to put it  on top of the whip cream. It looks so delicious. I been waiting for this moment because we could taste it. It tastes so good I can't wait until we have our next session.