Monday, 19 June 2017

At St Kent

In the last two weeks we had St Kent's. We had to go on the bus. When we arrived at St Kent's we were first splinted into groups. When we got into our groups we had to go all the way to the court it was so tiring. But I couldn't wait until we started I was so excited to start playing. When we arrived It was so large for heaps of people to play on. But we had to go with the St Kent's so people so we could begin. Our first game was called spider they told us how to play we had to hold the people's hand, try to use a kind of strategy to get out and be FREE!!!The next activity we done was rock paper scissors shot it was really enjoyable game. The last game we played before we went to another activity was octopus it was really fun they told us how to play just in case the people in our team don't know how to play. They first had to choose the taggers to try and tag us and the other people had to go to the end of the line then the taggers will call us like if people have black shoes, blue pants and white socks. Then they will have to run and the taggers will have to try and tag us. 

After when we had finished our game we had to change our groups. When we had we all started to play. Our first game was we had to find a partner then we had to close our eyes and our partner had to tell us where we are going because there were heaps of balls on the ground that we are not allowed to touch it. The partner that I had was Tyra she had to tell me where to go left, right, forwards and backwards it was so difficult but fun at the same time. Second game was bang it was a very enjoyable game we had get into a circle and someone had to call out our name,they had to go down and the two people in between them had to say bang. The last that ,said bang was out that was so fun. While we were still playing we had to stop the game because it was the end of our session. Finally it was done and I couldn't wait until they come back.

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