Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Cinnamon and Jam Muffin

At Tamaki College we always have tech. We are doing food nutrition with Mrs Tuipulotu I was so excited because we made milkshakes last Wednesday. I wonder what we are going to make today. When we have arrived at Tamaki College we rambled straight to Mrs Tuipulotu class to start straight away. When we went there we saw Mrs Tuipulotu setting out the ingredients. When she saw us she told us to come in and put our apron on to get ready. Next we had to wash our hands, get to our tables and read the ingredients on the board and then we got started.  

When we got started we first put all the ingredients out on top of the table. Then after that we started to get the ingredients so we could put it in the bowl. When I was doing the dry ingredient Katrina was doing the wet ingredients. After when we were done putting the wet and dry ingredients into separate bowls we then had to put the ingredients altogether so we could mix it. After when we had finish mixing it we then had to get the muffin tray out and a spoon to put it in. But we had to put the muffin paper muffin cups into the muffin tray. Then we could put it the mixture inside the paper muffin cups. After when Katrina and I were done we placed it in the oven so it could be cooked for 15 to 20 minutes. While we were waiting for a long time it was finally ready to get it out. It smelled so delicious. I started to eat it and it was scrumptious. While we were eating it we had to stop because it was time to go. 

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