Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Chocolate Muffin With Chocolate Chip......YUMMY!!!!

When we arrived at Tamaki College we rambled straight to Mrs  Tuipulotu class where she teaches us how to cook some food. While we strolled to her class I was so excited to cook. When she approached to the door we went straight to get our aprons and we rambled straight to wash our hands so we don't spread any bacteria around while we are cooking. When we had finished we strolled straight on the table and we had to read the ingredients that she had wrote on the board for us. After when we have glanced to the board and saw the ingredients we then had to get the equipment out that we needed. 

I was so delighted on want we were making.....we are making chocolate muffin with chocolate chip. I was really excited after when we got the equipment out we had to decide who was do which. It's ether the wet ingredients or the dry. I done the wet and my partner, Julianne done the dry. After when we had finished getting the ingredients we needed we both had to mix it very well before we put it altogether. A while later we mixed it well then we got to put it together in one big bowl and we had to stir it. It was so tiring because we had to use all of our strength to mix the whole mixture. Few minutes later we grabbed the muffin tray and we both placed the paper muffin cups in each section. Later when we were done we popped it into the oven to bake for about 15 to 20 minutes. After when it was done cooking we got our cooking gloves on to get our muffin out. It smelled so delicious I couldn't wait until I eat. But I didn't want to so I saved it for later I couldn't wait to eat it and how it will taste like. Couldn't wait until next time with Mrs  Tuipulotu.

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