Monday, 24 July 2017

Skipping Display & Competition

In the afternoon we had our skipping display I was so excited because it was my first time doing it since I approached to Ruapotaka School. Since it was our skipping display we also had our skip off right after, but looking at the weather it didn't turn out well. First the juniors had to do their skip off. The winner was Reality. But after that it was time for room 9's, skipping display they did heaps of tricks like double unders, fast skipping, and more. After a few minutes they were done and it was time for room 10's they done some different tricks it was compared to room 12. It was room 12's turn we first start of with a warm up it was 10 skipping forwards, backwards, side to side and then we done our skipping we done it as a group. Few minutes later it started to rain so we had to stop, get everything inside and into the classroom.

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