Wednesday, 24 May 2017

What We Made In Tech

At Tamaki College we had tech.We had it with Mr Grundy and done some wood work with him.I wanted to make a jewelry tree for my mum.We had to listen on a bunch of instructions on how we are going to make it out of wood. Me and the year 7 had to keep on cutting,hammering a lot of things to make it.It was such a hard job.After when we had made my jewelry tree I had to write out the reasons why I wanted to make it. My first three reasons was for my mum, it's easy to make and so my mum doesn't lose it all the time. Finally after when I finished my woodwork Mr Grundy told us that he will be sending my woodwork and the other peoples woodwork.Mr Grundy send it to Rupotaka School and we got to take it home.

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